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Kellogg's Pop Tarts Cereal Frosted Cinnamon - 11.2oz (318g)

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Unleash ridiculous levels of Pop Tarts flavour with filling and frosting in every bite with this NEW cereal from Kellogg's! This isn't the first time Pop Tarts for your spoon have existed! Way back in September 1994, Pop Tarts cereal was released for the first time, but alas, it disappeared from the shelves a year later, becoming a unicorn of cereals that some people never got over.

Now it's back and better than ever. Kellogg’s Frosted Cinnamon Pop Tarts Cereal features puffed wheat, oat, and rice pieces with cinnamon flavour filling inside and frosting on the outside, and boy is it delicious! Each mini Pop-Tart is wonderfully sweet even before you get to the filling.  There’s enough filling so that each bite takes on the signature cinnamon flavour, and they’re incredibly difficult to stop eating!

Pick up a box of this delicious cereal innovation and treat yourself to a breakfast that is delicious with every bite!

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