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Annabelle's Rocky Road - 1.82oz (51g)  - New
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Annabelle's Rocky Road - 1.82oz (51g) - New

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This popular candy bar is made with delightfully light, fluffy marshmallow, topped with flavorful roasted cashew nuts, crunchy malt, and then covered with rich milk chocolate. Rocky Road is still made the old fashion way, by hand, layer by layer. Combined with fresh roasted cashews and rich chocolate, this bar is truly delicious and literally melts in your mouth.

Milk Chocolate, Sugar, Corn Syrup, Cashew Nuts, Palm Kernel Oil and Coconut Oil, Cocoa Powder, Whey Powder, Nonfat Milk Powder, Soy Lecithin as an emulsifier, Vanillin (an artificial flavour), Sorbitol, Gelatin, Glycerine, Salt, Artificial Flavour [Milk Chocolate Contains: Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Chocolate Liquor, Milk Powder, Soy Lecithin (as an emulsifier), Natural Vanilla and Artificial Flavours]. Made in a facility that uses: MILK, EGG, WHEAT, TREE NUTS and PEANUTS. Contains: MILK, EGG, SOY.

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