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Your One-Stop Store For American Snacks

Whether you have a craving for American sweets, baked goods or chips, American Candy Stores has a treasure trove of snacks to order online.

No matter if you have a sweet tooth and want to stock up on Jimmie Stix and Candy n Cookies Butterfingers, or adore American crips, American Candy Stores make it easier than ever to order US food in Britain or elsewhere in Europe.

Among our American snacks is this Savoury Surprise Selection which is perfect for movie nights or gatherings with friends and family. Worth over £20.00, it can contain such favourites as pretzel pieces, mini puffs, pringles and much more.

In our American candy store, you can order monthly subscription boxes, which is ideal if you want regular supplies of US snacks.

Among our selections of products you’ll also find American chocolate like Musketeer bars, Anabelle’s Rocky Road S’mores, Baby Ruth bars, Boyer Jimmie Stix, and Bartons Million Dollar Milk Bar. The latter is a rich creamy chocolate made with the best quality ingredients. Made to look like a dollar bill, it gives you a luxurious sweet treat with every bite. It could be the perfect gift for a homesick expat or lover of American goods.

We can offer free deliveries for all orders over £50 in the UK.

Why not explore our wide range of American snacks today?