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Why Choose Us As Your American Candy Wholesale Suppliers?

American food, in many ways, reflects the country’s character: sweetly sentimental, full of different characters and influenced by many nationalities, from Italy to Spain. From their mouth watering candies to classics like Kraft Mac N’ Cheese, Americans know how to enjoy food to the full.

People all over the world are big fans of US candies like Hershey’s chocolate, Reese’s Buttercups and Oreo biscuits. Whether you’re looking to sell them in your retail store or online, American Candy Stores is the ideal wholesale supplier for this type of product.

Since we’re based in the UK, we’re ideal for anyone looking for wholesale suppliers of American candies and foods in Europe.

All our foods are delivered fresh and in excellent condition, with competitive prices for bulk orders.

Among our range are many quirky and fun products which will have maximum appeal for customers. Whether you’re looking for breakfast products, candies, drinks or cookies, you’ll find them on our website.

Our best selling products include Pop Tarts in a variety of flavours, including eggo frosted. We also have Moon Pie which was made famous in the UK, as many things have in regards to American culture, via The Simpsons.

Discover more reasons to choose us as wholesale suppliers or contact our team for more information.