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Tasty American Snack Boxes Sold In The UK

Whatever types of US snacks you love, American Candy Stores have competitive prices for stock stored here in Britain.

Our American snack boxes are perfect for all sorts of special events, or just for enjoying in your free time. They’re packed with many US favourites, including sweet and savoury snacks. With our mystery boxes, you’ll receive different goods with every order.

With plenty of ready stock in the UK, we can offer quick deliveries of fresh food to your home or business.

From Hershey’s chocolate and Lucky Charms cereal to Kraft Mac N Cheese, you’ll find the most iconic US food on our website.

Instead of waiting for your next holiday in ‘the land of stars and stripes’, we bring you a taste of the states all year round. We offer the widest selection of American food, from sweets and cereals to sodas, savoury treats and baked goods.

Our snack boxes give you a smorgasbord of goodies to enjoy.

American Candy Stores also have a range of treats from other countries, including New Zealand, Australia, India, and Dubai. Why not check out our newest arrivals? We’re always introducing new and exciting foods.

Find out more about our American snack boxes or don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.