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Order The Best American Food In The UK

From Kraft Mac N Cheese, Lucky Charms and Jolly Ranchers to Hershey’s Chocolate, Airhead Bites and Moonpie, we have all the best American food in our online store.

In our best selling section, you’ll find all your favourites, available to order in the UK. We also have mystery boxes for those who love surprises.

With our subscription boxes, you can have the best American snacks delivered on a regular basis. Imported from the USA, our food is stored here in the UK so will be delivered quickly and efficiently.

Find unique and fun American snacks for special occasions.

Whether you’re organising a birthday party or sleepover, our Yankie goodies are a great way to make it unforgettable. Just like US movies, nobody does snacks quite like Americans.

Among our range is this Moon Pie Double Decker which is coated in a smooth salted caramel coating that compliments the crisp graham cracker and fluffy marshmallow filling beautifully.

We also have Rap Snacks which features the faces of rappers like Cardi B, Migos, and Fabulous. This flavour is Romeo Miller's and is barbecue with a sweet mixture of honey for a smooth flavor.

If you’re looking to order American food in the UK, discover more about American Candy Stores today. Or contact our team for more details.