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Or Spend £30 and get delivery for £2.99 (Mainland UK)
Or Spend £30 and get delivery for £2.99 (Mainland UK)

Order The Best American Drinks At Competitive Prices

Americans are famous for their sweet tooth and their propensity for larger portions. Many of the world’s most popular foods were first created in America. Everything from pecan pie and cheese burgers to chocolate chip cookies and buffalo wings were invented in the USA.

Do you love American drinks and are searching for the best supplier?

American Candy Stores is one of the biggest suppliers of both American drinks and snacks. Whether you’re an American expat missing home or a lover of all things USA-related, we can deliver to all European countries, including throughout Britain.

Among our range of the best American drinks are Chupa Chups, Mountain Dew, Pepsi Berry, Arizona, Big Red Soda and much more. We also have a great choice of Fanta’s in a variety of flavours including grape, grapefruit, greenapple, fruit punch, berry blue, lychee, strawberry and much more.

At our online store, you’ll also find everything from American chocolate, foods and groceries to breakfast cereals, pop tarts, cookies, donuts and more.

All our products are stored at a warehouse in the UK so you won’t have to worry about long delivery times. We’re currently offering free shipping on all orders over £30.00.

If you’re searching for the best American drinks, don’t forget to explore our collections today.