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Looking For Wholesale Suppliers Of American Snacks?

Along with supplying to individual customers, American Candy Stores regularly delivers to wholesalers across the UK and America.

Thanks to the popularity of American culture in the UK, there’s a strong demand for snacks from across the pond. Many of these can’t be secured from regular supermarkets. It’s our job at American Candy Stores to make it easy to purchase the most iconic snacks right here in Britain.

Our online business is based in Suffolk and delivers throughout the UK and Europe. We have everything from baked goods and candies to breakfast cereals, pop tarts and crisps.

Include American snacks at your store and you’ll instantly recognise their popularity. As whole suppliers, you can rely on us for competitive prices and quick deliveries. Since we store all our goods in the UK, you can be assured they’re fresh and ready to sell.

Why not check out our bestsellers to see which American snacks are trending? We have an affiliate programme where you can earn up to 10% for every referral. 

If you’re looking for wholesale suppliers of American snacks, find out more about American Candy Stores or contact our team for more details.