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Doscher's Candy House Sour Candy Buttons - 0.50oz (14g)

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Doscher's Candy House Sour Candy Buttons bring a tangy twist to the beloved classic candy button format. This assortment features a vibrant trio of flavors: watermelon, sour apple, and blue raspberry, each designed to deliver a sharp, sour kick that complements the sweet underlying taste of the candy. These candy buttons are brightly colored and arranged on traditional paper strips, making them a nostalgic yet novel treat.

Perfect for those who enjoy a bit of pucker with their sweets, Doscher's Sour Candy Buttons are great for sharing with friends, at parties, or enjoying during a casual snack time. The sour flavors of watermelon, sour apple, and blue raspberry are distinct and well-balanced, providing a fun way to enjoy some of your favorite fruity tastes with an added sour sensation. Whether you're a long-time fan of sour candies or new to the sour candy scene.

Imported from the USA.