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Lutti Spaghett Gum Tutti - 35g

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Lutti Spaghett Gum Tutti is a playful and innovative twist on bubble gum that mimics the appearance of spaghetti. This fun gum comes in long, thin strands packed with a vibrant tutti-frutti flavor, combining multiple fruit essences into a delightful, chewy experience. Each package offers a burst of colorful, fruity spaghetti-like gum that can be enjoyed strand by strand or by the handful, providing a unique way to enjoy bubble gum.

The packaging is designed to keep the gum fresh and make it easy to pull out just the amount you want, which adds to its appeal, especially for younger audiences. Lutti Spaghett Gum Tutti is perfect for sharing at parties, giving as a creative gift, or enjoying as a novel treat during playtime or leisure. The eye-catching design and unusual format make it a standout product that's sure to capture the imagination and taste buds of gum enthusiasts looking for something different and fun in their bubble gum experience.