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Jolly Rancher Green Apple Singles to Go 6 Pack (18.8g)


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Now you can take the juicy Jolly Rancher bold fruit flavour anywhere with Jolly Rancher Singles to Go! Green Apple Drink Mix. With 6 sticks in each box, you can enjoy a quick and delicious Jolly Rancher Green Apple flavoured drink at the gym, at school, during work or wherever you go. Simply take a tip from a 16.9fl oz (or 500ml) bottle, pour in the powder, shake until dissolved and enjoy!


  1. Sip from a full bottle of water to make room for the powder
  2. *Pour one stick into a 16.9fl.oz (500ml) bottle of water or a large glass of water
  3. Shake bottle or stir until powder dissolves
  4. Enjoy!

Imported from the USA.